About Adapt IT
Adapt IT is a leader in the ICT market through the provision of software solutions to the Education, Manufacturing, Energy, Financial Services, Communications and Hospitality sectors, employing over 1 000 technology professionals and servicing more than 10 000 customers in 53 countries.
The Adapt IT Education division provides solutions to higher and further education institutions worldwide. The division’s operations span 32 years servicing more than 200 customers in Africa, Europe and Australasia, with the flagship product being the comprehensive administrative Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution – Integrated Tertiary Software (ITS Integrator).
The Adapt IT Manufacturing division develops software solutions for manufacturing, agriprocessing, resources and utilities sectors, servicing over 120 clients in 27 countries. The division combines 23 years of experience with a consultative approach to design innovative solutions that address unique sector challenges ranging from the coordination of large-scale procurement; inventory management; control payment of cane growers; to solutions managing the safety of nuclear power plant refuelling shutdowns.
Financial Services
The Adapt IT Financial Services division has been providing specialised services, skills and solutions to leading financial services institutions for over 21 years and has built a solid reputation of being trusted advisors to institutions and finance professionals throughout Africa. The Financial professional team of 200 employees services over 3000 customers, spanning Audit, Risk Management and Corporate Performance Management.
Adapt IT’s Energy division has extensive experience serving the Oil & Gas and Utilities sectors globally for more than 18 years with over 32 customers in 26 countries. Adapt IT Energy offers deep industry knowledge to the Oil & Gas and Utilities sectors, providing access to a large pool of Industry SME’s. We are a trusted partner, delivering high-value consulting services and niche supply chain products, to optimise our client’s operations and end-to-end supply chain. We have experienced thought Leaders and innovators in Supply Chain, SAP, Terminal Automation Systems, Enterprise Asset Management and System Integration.

The Adapt IT Communications division is a leading provider of cloud-based communication technology expense management solutions, servicing over 1 000 corporate customers across multiple sectors. The Service Provider Solutions (SPS) competency further provides branded self-service capabilities to Mobile Network Operators across Africa as well as advanced Mobile Operator analytical applications.
The Adapt IT Hospitality division was created through the acquisition of Micros South Africa and thus positions Adapt IT as a leader in the hospitality, retail, and food and beverage industries. Micros has over 21 years’ experience and 360 employees specialising in the resale, support, and deployment of software and hardware products. The Micros division complements these services with rapidly growing cloud solutions and the provision of professional services for the hospitality industry.
Strategic Focus​
Adapt IT continues to deliver profitable turnover growth and return on investment through the implementation of its sustainable growth strategy, enabling it to deliver growth and returns above the ICT sector average.
The strategy focuses primarily on pursuing organic growth through IT Service and Product, Customer and sector diversification. It complements this growth by acquiring strategic, synergistic and earnings-enhancing software businesses.
Another key component of the Adapt IT growth strategy is specific focus on growth in the Public Sector as well as into Africa. Adapt IT operates strategically through our national offices located in Durban, Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Cape Town as well as our international offices in Mauritius, Botswana, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. ​The strategy remains underpinned by the values which encourage and drive a high performance culture, strong corporate governance, a client centric approach, focus on agility, diversity and innovation and aligns with the vision to accelerate Adapt IT’s success.